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Welcome Back Kids! Portuguese Playdate!

Hello kids & Parents You are invited to join the bilingual activities (Portuguese-English) promoted by the Portuguese for Kids. The program is for you, children


Becoming a Resident for Academic Purposes

To be considered a resident for school purposes and pay in-state tuition, you must be a permanent resident (have a Green Card) or a U.S.


Driver’s License Office Location and Hours

Driving License Office Location and Hours  The Illinois Secretary of State Facility in Champaign is located at  2012 Round Barn Rd.Round Barn West Shopping Center,


Tiago Freitas, Salvador, Bahia – Brazil

Hi, I am Tiago Freitas from Salvador – Bahia. I am a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and graduated from the Universidade Federal de Viçosa. In


High Schools in Champaign (Unit 4 District)

Centennial High School and Central High School are two public high schools in Champaign District 4. Even though the curriculum in these two schools are