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International Driver’s License

Should I apply for an International Drive License Before Coming to Illinois?   You could apply for an international Driver’s license before coming to Illinois,


Becoming a Resident for Academic Purposes

To be considered a resident for school purposes and pay in-state tuition, you must be a permanent resident (have a Green Card) or a U.S.


Opening a Bank Account in Illinois

When you arrive to the United States, it is important to open a bank account so you can manage your living expenses and finances while


Brazilian Passport Application for Minors

IMPORTANT: Consular Birth Registration must be done before applying for a child’s passport. The application will be denied if the BIRTH REGISTRATION has not been made prior


Driver’s license Tests and Costs

How much does it cost to take the driver’s license test ? The Driver’s license test costs about $30 (check the website  for price update)  How is the Drivers’