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Driver’s License Office Location and Hours

Driving License Office Location and Hours  The Illinois Secretary of State Facility in Champaign is located at  2012 Round Barn Rd.Round Barn West Shopping Center,


Parking on Campus Lots

You probably have noticed that there are some parking lots very near to your building around campus. Most of these parking is rented by faculty


Sweet Corn Festival

Mark your calendars for the 2018 Sweetcorn Festival FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 – 5PM – 12AMSATURDAY, AUGUST 25 – 11AM – 12AM The Urbana Sweetcorn Festival is


Documents Needed to Rent a Car

To rent a car you will need to present 2 forms of identification, a driver’s license, and credit card. Some companies require you to be


Local Transportation Options in Urbana-Champaign

The city of Champaign has a great public transit system and services. The Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District’s Illinois Terminal (MTD) is in downtown Champaign –


Tuition and Costs

In the United States, Federal and State Universities are funded by the government, however, students are required to pay for tuition. You should always check


International Driver’s License

Should I apply for an International Drive License Before Coming to Illinois?   You could apply for an international Driver’s license before coming to Illinois,