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Tuition and Costs

In the United States, Federal and State Universities are funded by the government, however, students are required to pay for tuition. You should always check


Opening a Bank Account in Illinois

When you arrive to the United States, it is important to open a bank account so you can manage your living expenses and finances while


How to Rent a Car at the O’Hare Airport?

You have many options for rental car companies at O’Hare International Airport. Most of the companies offer a 24-hour shuttle service to/and from the airport


Events you can’t miss in Urbana-Champaign

Looking for something to do in Champaign-Urbana? Street fairs, art and music festivals, live music, wine tastings, outdoor activities, and much more are happening. We


Driver’s License Office Location and Hours

Driving License Office Location and Hours  The Illinois Secretary of State Facility in Champaign is located at  2012 Round Barn Rd.Round Barn West Shopping Center,