Chocottone and Panettone for the Holidays

Why we love it?  HOLIDAY CAKE: A delicious, aromatic holiday sweet cake made the old way: the dough is carefully prepared in a natural fermentation


How to notarize a document?

The process is very simple: 1)    Bring the documents you want to notarize to a Notary Public and 2)    sign it in his/her presence. DO NOT


Apostille School Transcripts

School transcripts and diplomas MUST contain an original signature of a school official and be notarized by an Illinois Notary Public.  That means that the


International Driver’s License

Should I apply for an International Drive License Before Coming to Illinois?   You could apply for an international Driver’s license before coming to Illinois,


Tuition and Costs

In the United States, Federal and State Universities are funded by the government, however, students are required to pay for tuition. You should always check

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