Frozen pipes: Avoid this problem!

Are you going to travel this break?  

Don’t turn off your heater ! 

If you are planning to go home for the break or plan to travel around the United States, make sure that your heat is turned on. You might have to pay higher heating bills for some months, but you will avoid the costly repair job.

You don’t need to set the heater on a high temperature. It is advised that you set your heater no lower than 60F. Ask your landlord about the right temperature for your building.

If you live in Illinois or in a state where temperature is
often subzero (below 0°C or 32°F) you should
be aware of frozen pipes.

Frozen pipes: What is it?

When the
water inside of the pipes gets extreme cold and freezes it expands and puts
pressure on the pipes (metal or plastic pipes).  This pressure can cause the pipes to burst and
cause serious damages around your property.

knowing that, many international students and visitors turn off the heater when
they go on vacation. They do that in order to save money with their utility
bills. However, they ended up spending more money to fix the damages and to
hire a plumber, not to mention that many of their possessions might be totally


How to protect your pipes from freezing?

For more information on this topic, read:

How to prevent pipes from freezing

How to Unfreeze Water Pipes

Be safe and be warm!


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