Monticello Railway Museum

If you like trains, historical facts, and fun activities, Monticello Railway Museum is a must see! 
Besides seeing many different locomotives, cars, and artifacts from different decades, you will also learn a lot about the history of trains and will understand how railroads work. Also, if you have the opportunity to visit the museum during the Railroad Days, on the Fall, you will have a chance to see almost everything in action at the same time. 
Monticello Railway Museum also has events distributed throughout the year where you can get on board of train rides, including the ride in a full-sized diesel-powered train. You can also enjoy the several events happening during the Father’s Day and Mother’s Day weekend, School Days, Railroad Days, and on special holidays. On fourth of July, you can see the Monticello fireworks from the train without worrying about traffic.



Ahhh and you cannot miss the famous Polar Express rides during the Christmas season. It will take you to a round-trip journey to the North Pole. It is definitely a magical experience for everyone mainly for the children— who will love it! The only drawback is that you MUST PLAN AHEAD as tickets start selling in late spring and normally it is sold out in a week. Make sure to check the museum’s website to find out when the tickets for the train rides are available and when the steam locomotive is running. Have fun! 


Monticello Railway Museum is located at
992 Iron Horse Place
Monticello, IL 61856


To learn more about it, visit the website
Enjoy your visit!  


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