Cell phone services: Understanding mobile plan and services in the U.S.

Looking for the best
option for cell phone services while abroad?

 While living in the United
States, you can use your cell phone, but you should not use your provider
services to communicate with your family members and friends. The international
roaming and international fees are very high if you are using data, sending text
messages, and making phone calls. In other words, the mobile companies from
your country will charge you a fortune to use your home country services while


How to avoid these problems?

Here are two options for you: 

1)    Purchase an international mobile phone and sign up for a
new plan with an American mobile company or

2)    Purchase a Sim Card and use your current cell phone with a
pre-paid plan (*see other Blog posts)

Signing up for a mobile plan

Most mobile companies offer
discounts on services and cell phones if you use their services and sign a long-term
contract with them. When you sign a contract with a mobile company, you will be
able to choose among different plans (make low cost calls, text, and use larger
amount of data) which will save you some money and give you better coverage and

 Companies usually requires
1-2 year of service contracts. Therefore, if you plan to buy a new cell phone don’t
wait for too long before deciding for a plan so your services does not expire after
your departure date. 

If you are not planning to
sign up for 1-2 year of service contracts, another option it is to purchase a
Sim Card and use your current cell phone with a pre-paid plan.

Look our Blog posts for
more details on some options.





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