Should I rent a furnished or an unfurnished property?

The houses and
apartments that you will be available to you, may be furnished or unfurnished.

Furnished apartments/ houses come with a stove, refrigerator, dish
washer (not available in all units), kitchen table, dressers, desks, bed, and
sofa. Most of the apartments on campus are furnished. Some apartments come with
a washer and drier which can be located inside of your unit or in shared
laundry space in the basement. 

Unfurnished apartments/
come with a stove, refrigerator, and possibly a dish washer. Laundry
hooks might also be available in the unit or in the basement.

 You will need to buy your own furniture (e.g.
bed, mattress, table, sofa, etc.). There are many local stores where you can
buy new or used furniture for less. Check our Blog for some options and
suggestions on where to buy the furniture that fits your budget.

Be aware that most
of the leases are for the full academic year (from August to May). It is very
hard to break an apartment lease without paying some extras fees. However, few
companies might offer short-term leases. Do your research, ask questions, and
read the lease before signing up any contract.

PS: It is important
to start looking for housing at least 6 months in advance (Spring or early
summer) and plan accordingly because the houses/apartments with good locations
and good prices rent fast. 

Good Luck on your search ! 


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