Apostille School Transcripts

School transcripts
and diplomas MUST contain an original signature of a school official and be
notarized by an Illinois Notary Public. 

That means
that the school transcripts must be signed by the school principal in blue ink
on school letterhead and stamped by the school. The principal’s signature needs
to be collected in the presence of an Illinois Notary Public. In this case, the
principal will have to go to a local Notary and recognize her or his signature.

It is a good idea to make sure that the Notary Public recognizes the signatures by including a “statement of

For exemplo, the document should have written
in full “I truly recognize the signature of … (indicating the name (s)
of the person (s) whose signature (s) have been authenticated)” as well as the
full address of the Notary Public on the stamp placed on the document.

Also, it is a good idea to check
if a Notary near you has a valid commission
(a valid license) before using his/her services. If the Notary has the license expired your documents will not be accepted. To check that
information, visit the following website:

 Click here to do a Notary Public Search

Where I can notarize documents? Where to find a Notary Public?

Banks and public libraries
usually have a Notary available. Check with the library and banks near you.

Check our Blog on “How to Notarize Documents” to see the steps necessary to notarize documents and to see a list with
places where you can find a Notary Public in Champaign-Urbana.


an envelope and include all the following items:

  1. The document(s) that need certification ( in this case the Transcripts) 
  2. The completed the request form online 
  3. Prepaid return envelope.
  4. Check or Money Order ($2 per
    document) Payable to: “Illinois Secretary of


Send the
package to the following address:

Secretary of State Index Department

111 E. Monroe
Springfield, IL 62756

Turnaround time: 10 Business Days


If you plan to go to Springfield to Apostille the
Documents in person, click here for Walk-in Service Information.

Notary fees (if necessary) are not included in the example above.

Be aware that Notaries
usually charge $1 or $2 per signature (not per document). One document might
require multiple signatures.

Apostille fees: $2 per document payable to Secretary of State.

It is important to calculate the fees ahead and make sure
you send the right amount otherwise your request will not be processed, and you
will receive your documents back without the certification.


Tips: Sample Money Order

Money orders is a paper document, similar to a check, and
is used to make payments. You can purchase a money order at any U.S. Post
Office locations, banks, and even Walmart Supercenter (at the Customer Service
Desk). You can use cash, or debit or credit card to purchase a Money Order.

Do not forget that after that you will have to translate the documents in order to send it to the school for re-enrollment.

Questions?  suggestions? Did you have a different experience? Send them our way! We are here to share experiences and help each other!

 Thanks and Good Luck!


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