Urbana-Champaign Airport: The Willard Airport (CMI)


You can fly into Champaign local airport,
the Willard (code: CMI). If you plan ahead, it is easy to find connections from O’Hare to
Champaign . If you fly to Midway Airport, you might take a
shuttle/transfer to O’Hare and fly to Savoy’s Willard Airport.

When buying your airplane ticket to the
U.S., try to search for a round trip flight to Champaign (e.g. São Paulo,
Brazil to Champaign, IL, USA). Most likely you will have a connection in Chicago
(or Dallas) before coming to Urbana-Champaign. 

Be aware that if you buy two separate tickets (e.g. One
from Brazil to Chicago and another from Chicago to Champaign) you might have to
pay for extra charges since local flights allow only up to 50 pounds/23
kilograms per bag weight. 

Attention: It is good to remember that before July 2017, the
luggage weight limit of flights from Brazil to the United States was 70 lbs. /32
kg, but that was reduced to 50 lbs./23 kg in most airline companies.

Once you have arrived at Willard
(S. Neil St.), you can take a taxi or rent a car on the first floor of
the airport.  (It will take 10-15 min to
get to Campus by taxi/car from Willard Airport).

Nearby Airports

You can also fly to nearby cities such
as Bloomington, IL (BMI) located 50 minutes from Champaign or Peoria (PIA) located
approximately 1h30 min from Champaign by car.

Indianapolis is another option, but if
you are planning to take the bus to Urbana-Champaign be aware that there are
not many options available throughout the day.

TIPS: In the
U.S. is very common to buy airlines tickets online. Some websites I’ve used in
the past includes BROL, Expedia, Priceline Chepoair, Kayake, Orbits, Travelocity,
etc. Check these sites to compare deals.

Safe Travels! 


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