Tuition and Costs

In the United States, Federal and
State Universities are funded by the government, however, students are required
to pay for tuition. You should always check for scholarships and financial aid
because they might be available.The tuition at Community colleges
and Universities will vary according to the program chosen and mainly by the student’s
residency status. That can be In-State
tuition, Out-of-State tuition, out-of-country tuition.

In-State students:

 If you live in
the state of your chosen university, you qualify for lower in-state tuition


If you live in a different state of your chosen university, you
will pay out-of-state tuition rates (a little higher that in-state tuition)


If you live outside of the United States, you will pay the
out-of-country tuition rates (usually the most expensive rates). Why? Because
it is assumed that if you live out of the country/ or state you are not paying
taxes for the state you want to study. In other words, you are not contributing
to the state budget and schools/university improvements. Therefore, you pay

Most Universities offer scholarships and financial aid for international students. You should always check the website of your institution.

Examples can be found in the link below: 

The academic year tuition rate for new and continuing students will vary.  For example, international students may pay between $28,000 – $52,000. For detailed information about the University of Illinois’ tuition and costs,

check here.  


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