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Study for Free: How to get a scholarship to study in the United States?  

Lack of affordability should not be a reason for not going to College.  You should not give up of your dream career because you cannot pay for school. Universities offer a variety of scholarships (financial gifts) for students. There are different scholarships available for undergraduates and graduate students. Each institution or department have their own criteria for providing the scholarships.

Understanding the differences between Scholarships, Assistantships, Fellowships: 

Scholarships are academic financial gifts given to students on merit basis. That means students will not pay for tuition and will not pay back to the institution the amount received, but usually are expected to perform some type of service in exchange for the scholarship.

As an international student, you are allowed to work only on campus. Also, you may work the maximum of 20 hours per week which is referent of 50% appointment. Usually, only students who get an assistantship (granted with at least 10 hours work per week/25% appointment) have their tuition waved. Students might not receive any type of tuition waiver if they work less than 10 hours. These rules might vary or change – check with your institution. 

Some Universities’ departments and units also offer Academic Hourly Position for students. However, in this case you do not receive tuition waver, only hourly payments for your services. 

PS: Working outside of campus might be possible (a little hard to get approval though) if the university signs an authorization for you to perform a job related to your area of study. Ask your International office for more information on that.


There different types of Scholarships. You can be a … 

  • Teaching Assistant (more commonly referred as a TA). Students will receive the financial gift in exchange of teaching a class.
  • Research Assistant (RA): Students will receive the financial gift in exchange of helping a professor with research or working in a Lab.
  • Graduate Assistant (GA): Students will receive the financial gift in exchange of clinical work (e.g. school library, department office, etc.).

Ask your department’s staff and professors about the scholarships available and try to understand the requirements for application. It is important to prepare in advance and be aware of deadlines. Be proactive, contact professors or advisors and talk to them about your skills and experiences and interest in the position. 


Job on Campus for Students: 

You can find a list of assistantships available to graduate students at 

The Assistantship Clearinghouse, Visit the Website.

You can also check the following websites: 

UIUC Assistantships

UIUC Fellowships 


PS: In a worse case scenario, if you don’t get a scholarship, you can try to find external funds/scholarships before the term starts or withdraw your university application.


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