Driver’s license Tests and Costs

How much does it cost to take the driver’s license test ?

The Driver’s license test costs about $30 (check the website  for price update) 

How is the Drivers’ license test in Illinois? 

To receive your Illinois Driver’s license, you will have to take 3 tests: 

 1.   Written test with 20 multiple-choice or true- false questions and 35  questions about the traffic sign identification (Computer-Based test)
2.   Vision examination 
3.   The practical test: this test will exam your driving skills


How to study for the Illinois Driving Test?

You can find free booklets with the Illinois driving rules, at the Driver’s license Examination Station, at the Public Library, at the International Office (e.g. ISSS) at your university.

Computer-Based test: 

  • This test will exam your knowledge of the rules of the roads and vehicle code. 
  • You can download The Rules of the roads here  and the Workbook here 

Are you ready to practice for the test? 

Click Here to Start Your FREE 2020 IL DMV Practice Test Now

Vision Examination: 

  • The Eye examination is very simple and fast, and it is done over the counter at the Driver’s Services Facility at the same day you apply for your License (Please, see the Address below).

The Practical Test:  

This test will assess your driving skills, that is, your ability to do the following:

  • • Start the vehicle 
  • • Back the vehicle 
  • • Turn about 
  • • Park uphill
  • • Start uphill 
  • • Park downhill 
  • • Start downhill 
  • • Control your vehicle
  • • Proper speed usage 
  • • Proper lane usage 


Pay attention on the One-Way streets; 

make sure you STOP completely at the STOP sign; 

Be aware of Pedestrians; 

Pay attention on the speed limit, mainly around  the school zones and 

Be aware of the warning signs as you drive.

Wait  for the geese crossing the streets  they are used with the courtesy of Illinois drivers

For more information, check page 4, on the Document in this link.


Good Luck ! 


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