Parking Meter: MobileMeter


MobileMeter App is used around Champaign, Urbana and on

MobileMeter App can be very handy if you don’t have loose
change to feed your parking meter all the time.

You can download the App for free on your smartphone. Besides
being easy to use the App it also reminds you when the time is about to expire.
You can extend the time without running back to your car.

You don’t have to display any proof of payment inside your
car either the parking enforcement staff will access that information through
the App.


The meter rates of $1 an hour ($.25/ 15 minutes) in most places around town. Some
distant areas might have a lower fee.  You can also use coins to pay the fees (Quarters,
dimes, or nickels).


Attention: you will notice that even after using the App to
pay your parking, the meter display will not show your “booking,” however the
parking enforcement staff will be able to see you paid for the parking.

You can sign up for a free at the MobileMeter website, App,
or by calling 217-207-3033.

To learn more, visit the website



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