Condensed Milk, Creamy Caramel, Table Cream

Sweetened Condensed Milk is used in many Brazilian desserts. Brigadeiro is one on them. Condensed Milk is made by adding sugar to whole milk then removing water from the milk to about one-half of its original volume. You can purchase condensed milk in most groceries store in the United States. Since condensed milk is not often used in the American recipes, if you ask about it to an American friend or to an employee at the groceries store, they might not know what you are talking about. In that case, ask where the “Evaporated Milk” cans are, you might find the condensed milk right by it. You can also look for the condensed milk in the isle reserved for ethnic food or Mexican food.

There are several brands
of Sweetened condensed milk available and you can find it in different containers as
shown below:


Where to find it ?


  – Amazon (save time order online)

Sweetened Condensed Milk  7 Ounce  $14.95  (Pack of 6) 


  –  In Champaign,
you can find it at
Walmart, Meijer’s, County Market, Target, Audi, Schnucks and Ruler Foods (see
address below).

Schnucks ($2.29) and
Ruler foods ($1.09) have their own brand of Condensed Milk as showed below:

Caramel / Dulce
de Leche (Doce de leite)

Doce de leite or Creamy Caramel, as the Americans call, is a very delicious sweet cream and goes well with a variety of desserts including cakes, pancakes, shakes, and many other treats. 


Milk, Sugar, Agar,
Sodium Bicarbonate, Disodium Phosphate.


Where to find it?


Amazon (save time order online)

La Lechera Dulce de Leche 13.4 oz. (3-Pack) – Approximate value $20.10  

La Lechera SqueezeVariety Pack (4 Count) – Three Sweetened Condensed Milk and One Dulce de Leche
in Resealable, No-Spill Bottles – Add Rich, Creamy Texture to Sweet Dishes – Approximate value $13.94  (Pack of 4)


 – In Champaign, Illinois, you
can find it at Walmart (by the ethnic or Mexican food isle) and
sometimes at Meijer’s and County Market.

 Table Cream / Light cream / Media Crema (Creme de Leite)

Creme de Leite is made from the pasteurized and homogenized cow’s milk. It has a creamy consistency and can be used in salty or sweet dishes. Creme de Leite can be used to cook stroganoff, pastas, lasagnas, potato salads, soups, sauces. It can be also used in cake fillings, desserts, drinks, and served with tropical fruits such as strawberries, peach, pineapple. There are so many ways you can use Creme de Leite to complement your favorite meals.

Where to find it? 


   –  At Amazon.com  (save time order online)

Table Cream / MediaCrema Nestle – 7.6 Ounce  



     –  In Champaign,
you can find it at
Walmart, Target, Meijer’s, County Market,

and sometimes at



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