Drive Safely!

Driver’s Quick Tips

#1 – Car insurance 

In the United States, having car insurance is mandatory.

Differently from many countries, in most states in America, your car license plate belongs to you — the owner— that means that it can be transferred to your next new vehicle.

However, if you move to a different state you MUST register your vehicle in the current state of residency. You will then receive a new license issued by that state. 


#2- Registration renewal fee 

Once a year, every vehicle owner must pay the registration renewal fee (license to drive) of his/her vehicle. After payment, the owner will receive a sticker that should be placed on the rear license plate of his/her vehicle (in Illinois) or in the windshield of the car (in some states). This sticker must be replaced every year. You can choose to renew it online. If so, you will receive an email notification annually.

You can renew it here online, by telephone, at the post office or in person at your state’s DMV office.

To check the registration status of a vehicle, check the following website.

#3 – Documents you MUST have 

Documents that you should always have with you while driving:

  1.      Your ID (driver’s license)
  2.      A proof of car insurance
  3.      Proof of Vehicle’s Registration Renewal: You will receive this receipt every year after paying for your car’s registration renewal / licensing. 


For more information on renewing vehicle license plates, visit the website.

#4-  Updated Information 

By law, if you change your address or surname, you must notify the Secretary of State within 10 days.

To know more about on how to notify the State, visit the website.

Drive safely!


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