Academic Year at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

The Academic year in Illinois may be very different from
your country. The academic year starts
in August
or September (Fall semester) and ends in May or June (Spring Semester).

Fall Semester : For most Colleges and
, the Fall semester
starts in August/or September and ends in December. The Final examinations
happen in early December. During the Fall, there is one
week (or more) of recess (“break”)
for the students. The Fall break is around
Thanksgiving Day and this break is known as
the “Thanksgiving Break.” The Thanksgiving Break usually
happens in the middle of November. In December, there is the Winter break. Some Universities
also offer short-term courses during the holiday break (which is winter in
Illinois). The “winter sessions” goes from Mid-December until mid-January.

Check your institution’s calendar for more details because these “breaks” may vary in different institutions.

Spring Semester:  The Spring Semester starts in January and ends in May. Usually classes start after Martin Luther
King’s Day – which is a holiday and there are no classes. The Final
examinations happen in early May.

During the Spring, there is also one
week of vacations for the students. The Spring Break vacation begins in the
middle of March.

The Summer time usually
goes from mid-May to mid-August. This is the vacation time for the
students. Some universities offer Summer session I and II. Check your
Institution’s calendar for more details.




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