Health Insurance for Students and Scholars

In the United States, there is no
free public medical assistance. Therefore, health insurance is often mandatory.
You and your family will need to have insurance coverage during your whole stay
in the U.S. In many cases, if you do not have insurance, you will not be able
to register for class. Your Institution will provide you with a health
insurance option. The university will automatically enroll the students in the
University Student Health Insurance Plan. However, you can opt out if you
already have a comparable (or a better) one. It is important to carefully study
your options and what they cover (or not).Usually, lack of proof of
insurance will result in termination of the contract or program.


The university of Illinois’ health insurance has
very good coverage. When you, student,  buy the university’s health care
insurance, you can use the services of the university clinic too. That might be
a wise choice.

Summer Health Insurance coverage

Be aware that Summer Health
Insurance coverage
might not be included in the package. You will probably
need to pay a fee to extend your insurance over the summer. If you are visiting
your home country during the summer, you might not need one.


Adding Family Members to your Health Plan

You can also add your children and
your partner to your health plan
if they are not insured. In that case, we
suggest that you contact the international office or graduate college and ask for
more information.


Dental and Vison 

In addition, take a look at your dental
and vison insurance. If you are a graduate student receiving tuition waver, you
should have your dental and vision insurance at no cost (for more information,
see below).


Be aware 

Make sure you read and understand the
rules and policies and exclusions of your insurance plan. Usually it does not pay
the full expenses of your medical bills. Be aware of the deductibles and



If you find yourself in a medical emergency,
call 911
. If it is not an emergency, ask a friend or take yourself to one
of the clinics around town or to one of the local hospitals (E.g. in
Urbana-Champaign – Carle Foundation Hospital or OSF). Be aware that the ambulance
services are very expensive
in the United States.


Do you want to know more about
Health insurance at the University of Illinois? 

Check the following website:

Health Care Services: https://grad.illinois.edu/current/health


Frequent Questions: 

What is the difference between
McKinley Health Center Services and the Students Health Insurance?

Although the Student Health
Insurance office is located within the McKinley Health Center building, they
are entirely separate and distinct organizations. McKinley Health Center is the
on-campus health center which provides a vast number of services including
acute care, women’s health, immunizations/vaccines, mental health services,
primary care and many others. 

Students cannot waive the McKinley
Health Services Fee.

UIUC Student Insurance provides
coverage for services outside of McKinley Health Center.



Why the graduate Healthcare plan
is different from undergraduate plan?                   

The graduate plan has a much lower
maximum out-of-pocket than the undergraduate plan, and accordingly has a
slightly higher premium.

Check it out here: http://si.illinois.edu/links-and-forms


How much does the University
insurance cost?


insurance should I get if I am J-1 visa holder (visiting scholar, visiting
professors, trainees, interns)?

* The best insurance plan and coverage will
depend on your needs. 

If you are coming to the United Stated under J-1
status, you will be required to maintain a health insurance cover during all
your staying.  You can purchase an
insurance in your country prior to your departure however the U.S. Department
of State has established minimum requirements for insurance coverage that you
will have to follow:

  • $100,000
    per accident or illness,
  • $50,000 for
    expenses with a travel / “medical evacuation,”
  • $25,000
    to send your remains to your home country,
  • $500 deductible
    cannot be more than $500 per accident or illness,
  • The insurance must pay at least 75% of covered
    medical expenses,

Health Insurance coverage for J-1 exchange visitors

To see the list with the full requirement and to check specific information about health
insurance coverage for J-1 exchange visitors and their dependents, check here.

Where do I find information about the (free) vision and
dental coverage?


Vision: https://grad.illinois.edu/current/vision


What is the University’s Health
Care Coverage Period?



What if I do not want to purchase
the University’s Student Health Insurance? 
Can I use another Health Care plan?


Did you know that United Healthcare provides online counseling and online service which offers help with diagnosis and treatment of non-emergency medical issues?

Check this out: https://www.telehelp4students.com/

Do you need help? 

*The Illinois Intercâmbio can guide you through the process of purchasing a health insurance, contact us  at illinoisintercambio@gmail.com

Good luck! 


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